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Vanessa Magic is an award-winning writer and director whose work centers around loneliness and grief, often from the eye of the outsider, with an Afrofuturist and Afrosurrealist lens. She is an alumni of Black Women Film, BIPOC Film & TV, The Warner Media Discovery Access x Canadian Academy Writers Program ’22 and Women In the Director’s Chair ’23, Slamdance Mentorship '23 and the Blood in the Snow Horror Lab ’23. 


Vanessa’s short film, The Absurdity Of The Black Female Experience, premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival, where it won the Best Experimental Audience Award 2023. Her latest short, The Future Above Us, played at Telefilm’s Not Short on Talent initiative at The Marche du Cannes, the Canadian Film Festival, and the Reelworld Film Festival, where it won best cinematography. 

Vanessa has written for Momolu (TVO), The Game Savers (CBC) and Aunty B's House (CBC), and was the co-writer on the Omni limited docu-series Katiba Banat Sister's in Arms (OMNI). She story-edited and co-produced a Canadian Heritage Minute about Jackie Shane (Historica). She has also directed the short Safron (Blood In The Snow Festival), True Dating Stories (CBC/Fuse TV) and has recently directed six episodes of the Digital Series Near or Far (CBC Gem). 


Vanessa's passion is creating stories that highlight Black female protagonists and leave the viewer learning something new and unexpected. Inspired by her dreams, she is eager to create worlds and narratives untold, unseen and filled with magic. With her sights set on the future, she is excited to create weird worlds, people and words for them to say to connect her to the cosmos.

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Jennifer Irons, Meta Talent Agency

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