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Katiba Banat - Sisters In Arms I Limited Doc Series I Omni TV

Co-writer  S01 EP01-05

Katiba Banat: Sisters in Arms uncovers the hidden stories of Canadian women who fought as child soldiers in the Second Sudanese Civil War. As they plan a reunion to celebrate the bonds of sisterhood they formed against the backdrop of war, they reflect on their legacy as girls who liberated a nation.

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Aunty B’s House  I Pre-school  I CBC

S01 “Who Broke It", "Missing Bouncy Ball”

With her vivacious spirit, playful nature, love for music, and capacity for unconditional love, Aunty B maintains a stable, supportive and loving home for kids that have not always had one.

Momolu And Friends TITLE.png

Momolu I Pre-school I TVO

S01 E75, E76 “And The Beat Goes ON”, “Yona’s New Game”

When Momolu the panda and his friends have problems, they get creative and find solutions through fun and design.


The Gamesavers I Web series I CBC Gem

S01 E15 “The Honey Hands Challenge”

When video game developer Maggie Chancery discovers Bossanator is threatening to destroy the world’s video games, she enlists her niece, Stella, and nephew, Max, to help save video games!

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